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BSc.CSIT has been one of the most demanding courses just in last 3-4 years and the value and significance of this course continues to increase over time. There is a great scope of BSc.CSIT in growing market of technology. As for the Bachelor level, BSc. CSIT is up to date with the sense of the future, and is one of Nepal’s most popular courses. Nepal has tried to go through the same speed with the advancement of technology in great pace in the world, though our country lacks a big tech firm, but the demand of data analysts, graphics designers, and many more skills have been up to the extent. This makes the scope of BSc.CSIT very good. Different jobs with salary has also been mentioned below.

The company likes Leapfrog, Deer walk, Logpoint, Fuse Machine, Yomari, F1 soft, Cloudfactory and many more want plenty of skilled job applicants increasing the scope of BSc. CSIT in Nepal. If you want to do something in Nepal then this area encourages you to do as many things as you want and dream of .

There have been a number of colleges providing CSIT course at the present time. As Nepal developing in the field of technology, the IT sector and those with good skills in this field are always in high demand. While here is only a small seat to do Master in CSIT, but who else is going to master if they already get a good jobs in a particular field. Supply in the government sector has also risen with time and computers in the offices. The various business agencies need to have e-commerce, for which they need a simple text messaging service with a high scope for internet sites and, of course, with a large amount of data, they need a number of people to work with.

BSc. CSIT in 2020

You, who are probably reading this thinking about doingBSc. CSIT course if so, you have 4 years to be an expert in a particular field than a beginner in various fields and seeking a jobs with your interests. Bsc. CSIT is the course that students are only doing for certificates, and somehow that’s right, you can’t get a job just by studying your course and syllabus, you have to go with the pace of development going on in the world, and this course gives you time and drags you to your dream job. If you have the best skills you don’t need to go abroad to work Nepal could be your destination to achieve your goal. Therefore, the scope of BSc. CSIT in Nepal is more than satisfying we conclude.

Jobs with salary after doing BSc. CSIT.

It’s all on you how you prepare yourself in this four year during this course. Your interest and your determination make the following jobs possible for you

IOS Developer 92,800 NPR
Java Developer 94,800 NPR
JavaScript Developer 90,400 NPR
Lead Developer 102,000 NPR
Linux Developer 103,000 NPR
Graphics Web Designer 83,600 NPR
Software Test Engineer 89,800 NPR
Solutions Architect 118,000 NPR
Storage Engineer 87,200 NPR
SEO Associate 82,300 NPR
SEO Manager 130,000 NPR
Oracle Developer 114,000 NPR
Perl Developer 87,000 NPR
PHP Developer 94,300 NPR
Python Developer 99,900 NRP
IOS Developer 92,800 NPR
Java Developer 94,800 NPR
JavaScript Developer 90,400 NPR
Linux Administrator 103,000 NPR


What makes this year Bsc. CSIT the best course to pursue?

It is a four-year bachelor’s course that has much more progress and updated now than computer engineering. Once you get your hand wet in this field allow you to perform various jobs depending on your interest. However, critically doing this course will provide your voice for your passion and this course will make the base strong to go into any area of IT and do the work you are interested in.

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