About BSc. CSIT

BSc. CSIT is the 4 years bachelor course in Computer Science and Information Technology. BSc. CSIT is one of the most emerging courses in the context of Nepal with its diverse and up-to-dated course in the computer field.

With its advance area and topic to study make BSc. CSIT one of the best degrees to pursue. Not only this due to its intensified field, the dreams of students working for big companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, IBM, and many others only could be possible if they pursue good skills in this field and doesn’t matter if they belong from Nepal or any other nation. BSc. CSIT has a four-year course which consists of altogether eight semesters. The four-year courses with full detail of the subject can be found here. (GIVE the link of semesters and subjects of our page)

BSc. CSIT has been a more demanding course in the last five years as it provides you to go with an equal pace with the developing technologies in the world. Now, World has been digitalized, everything in the world is influenced by technology. And there is data everywhere that needs to be handled properly and should be protected from theft. Today’s children must have to make focused in this field rather than others. The skills in this field are something one should need so that they won’t get a problem any day in future to feed themselves.

Last ten years were complete of the advancement of technologies. We wouldn’t have imagined of android and IOS phones in our hands today without these years. And now it has set the best platform for Machine Learning to come in progress, though after 2011 it was completely era Data Scientist but now the coming decade there would be machined wherever around us.

Human has always been the unsatisfied creature and due to this unsatisfying nature we have developed a lot and we always look for our comfort so we have invented bicycle and motorcycle, plane and everything. This also shows we have become the lazy creature too and with the technologies around everywhere today we need system which could operate with our need without handling them. Like today if we have to switch on the light we don’t have to stand up and walk to the switchboard to ON the switch now we can do that with our smartphones and our voice. So, it must be understood we have to contribute to this field and BSc. CSIT could be only one to provide you to work to this field as unlike other fields, of course, we get here time to interact with software and course which is the most recent.

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